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Here's how it works: we'll come to you and spend four weeks evaluating every aspect of your operation, from concept, design, marketing, food & beverage, hospitality, security and financial controls.  You may want to focus on only a few key aspects, but areas of operation are extremely interrelated, so we advise all clients to take a look at things in their entirety.  We'll provide a complete analysis and implementation plan at the conclusion of the term.  (Certain solutions can be implemented much sooner, by us, upon approval, but it does generally take a full four weeks for a complete picture to emerge.)  Longer terms with full implementation available!  Contact us here today for a full, complimentary consultation!

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Marketing & Entertainment

No, word of mouth is not enough.  We specialize in digital strategies, smart campaigns, cutting edge data aggregation and second generation marketing techniques.  We will also help you punch up your show standard and leverage the followings of mainstream and adult celebrities.

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Beverage & Hospitality

Everything around us is changing, but fundamentals still matter, perhaps more than ever.  We specialize in recruitment, service training, manual creation, menu engineering/design and vendor relations.

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Start Ups & Turnarounds

No matter how large or small the task, we are up for the challenge!  KMA loves turnarounds, reconceptualizations and rebrandings, as well as new concepts and club launches.  No matter how daunting the situation seems, we have seen worse and are thrilled to help!

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