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A Short Introduction to KMA Consulting Group


KMA Consulting Group rescues strip clubs!

Management and Hospitality

Here are KMA's 10 + 1 survival tips for managers who already know everything!  These are the things I tell myself whenever I work a floor ... 

Here are KMA's 5 key hospitality concepts!

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Cocktail Corner

Here is a 5 Point Marketing Plan from KMA anyone can implement, as well as 5 tips to optimize it!

Kelly mixes a patriotic 3-in-1 shot that can also be served as refreshing summer cocktail, and everybody lives!

Kelly creates three easy fall cocktails and only gets a little wet.

Kelly mixes a fun, interactive drink to raise money and awareness for breast cancer

Kelly makes her version of the shimmery Witch's Heart cocktail and plays with knives.

Late Night Wine University

Kelly breaks down wine into simple terms even her beagle can understand.

It's more than tasting, it's an experience, incorporating at least 3 other senses!


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