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Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well!  By now, Covid-19 has disrupted each of our lives to various degrees, and I, like you, have had to adjust my business model significantly to continue assisting clients in any way I can.  Through numerous conversations with people in the industry, one thing has become abundantly clear; businesses need more guidance and support than ever, but are in a lesser position to afford it.  To that end, I've worked to create a virtual/hybrid consulting format at an extremely affordable rate--as low as $250/month per club, with deep discounts available, as always, for multi-unit operators.  Do keep in mind, I specialize in the following:


  • Branding and Rebranding--The pandemic may force us to ultimately reinvent ourselves; why not start now?

  • Crisis Management--With so much outside of our control, it's imperative to take control of what we can

  • Traditional and Alternative Marketing--If you're still feeling confused about digital marketing, now's the time to learn, because it's about all we've got.

  • Staffing and Training--Running a smaller staff? Who you place in key positions, and how they're trained. matters more than ever.

  • All Other Operational Matters, Big and Small

During a crisis, it helps to look for silver linings, and one, for me, is that on account of adopting a more digital approach to consulting, I'm able to take on new work for the first time in while.  So if you think my company can help yours in any of the areas listed above, give me a shout! I'm also always here to have a conversation with anyone who needs to brainstorm or vent about anything at all.

Here's my article on reinvention in the age of Covid, here.

Here are 24 Ways to Grow in the Age of Covid!

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Selfie Fail with my princess, Bonsai, during quarantine.

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