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Business Coaching Adventures with Kelly

Photo credit: Lorraine London 

What IS a business coach?

“A person with proven expertise in your industry who has taken time to evaluate your business and listen to your goals—and, if necessary, help you define them … Then, they kick your ass.”

--Kelly Skillen

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The idea is to identify key “areas of opportunity.” Often, these are problems of which you are already aware but continue to step over due to time constraints and talent shortages. We can ALL identify with that scenario, so what’s the magic bullet?

There isn’t one. The only alternative is to set specific, measurable and achievable goals attached to timelines and hold each other accountable.

There is literally a 100% chance you will end in a better place than you started, as long as your team commits to the following:


  • Show up physically, at the agreed upon place and time.

  • Show up mentally. Dress in your pajamas, bring your dog, but BE present.

  • Choose to participate in your own success!

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Adventures Offered ...


Let's Talk Booze ...

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